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Something to report?

If it’s something on our green spaces TELL US HERE.

If it’s something NOT on our green spaces you are advised to report the issue to Bury Council eg. tree or street furniture problem, by visiting


The southern portion of the Huntfold Farm Estate forms a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (000085519).

The area also has a local WhatsApp Group that residents use to alert each other to any unusual activity.

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group use the email icon above so that we can pass your details on.

For advice and guidance on Coronavirus, visit


For Greenmount Village Community, visit


Porch Boxes is a charity that provides crisis packs of food and toiletries to people in need. Residents can make donations to the Porch Box outside 31 Greenheys Crescent.

Porch Boxes want us to pass on their thanks for your support.

Read their letter of thanks (pdf file) to our community here

The Porch Box at 31 Greenheys Crescent is always available.

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